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Corsivia was founded in Spain in 1974 with the aim of manufacturing clay targets for national shooting ranges and sports clubs.

In 1985 the company was bought by the current owners who, right from the start, promoted professionalism amongst the staff, internationalisation of the business activity and modernisation of the production process.

Corsivia, unquestionably, became the leading national producer of competition clay targets for all the varieties, colours and sizes, and was also able to compete, in terms of quality and price, with any other foreign brand.

As a result of this continuous effort “the current Corsivia” is characterised by:

  • Having the worldwide reputation of “a serious, solvent and friendly company” .
  • Marketing its products in 105 countries.
  • Taking part in the main national and international trade fairs such as Outdoor; IWA Show, Shot Show, …
  • Still being synonymous with Premium quality products; products that are deemed to be better than those of our competitors.
  • Being a company that is certified by the national and international clay target shooting institutions, including, among others, ISSF, FITASC, ATA, ACTA, CPSA, …
  • Maintaining the biggest portfolio of raw materials on the market; the company always manufactures its products with four different raw materials.
  • Having industrial premises of over 12,000 m2 and machinery ready for Industry 4.0.
  • Being an eco-certified company under ISO 14021, and also promoting a 360º environmental strategy.
  • Promoting the sport, through collaboration programmes with distributors, federations and shooting ranges.


Corsivia has over 40 years’ experience in the clay target shooting industry.

From the moment the company was founded “the manufacturing of quality products, paying attention to detail and providing excellent service for customers / supporters” have been the underlying foundations of our day to day business.

In the future, Corsivia wants to carry on working with the same business philosophy “to continue serving the clay target shooting sport, constantly improving our business competitiveness and permanently seeking new ways to innovate and promote this activity and the related businesses”.

This business philosophy is revealed through the combination of different areas of business expertise.

CORSIVIA; Flying around the world” comes from the combination of these skills.


+ Production capacity

Capacity to produce using different raw materials, product models and colours.
Corsivia is able to manufacture and ship customised orders with very fast response times.

+ Supply of quality products

All the product batches are checked technically; Flight stability, the paintwork, consistency and perfect packaging are some of the aspects that are strictly checked before the products are shipped to customers.

+ Specialised sales advisers

The sales adviser will talk you through the characteristics, certifications and type of product that best suits your needs, as well as the logistic delivery options, necessary documents and will guide you through the whole commercial process.

+ Marketing and Communication

We have a marketing team available at the service of customers.
Tell us what you need, and the Corsivia marketing and communication team is here ready to help you.

+ Logistics

As it ships its products to over 105 countries, Corsivia is an expert in the movement of goods.
Get in touch with Corsivia and we’ll tell you the best way to send and receive your goods.

+ R+ D + i

Constantly working hard with emphasis on diversification and innovation. Every year the company invests a percentage of its turnover in searching for new solutions and opportunities in the clay target shooting sector.