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Deliveries all over the world.

The Corsivia products are sold all over the world. More than 20 years’ experience distributing our products in more than 105 countries.

The Corsivia logistics department will guide you through all the steps until the products arrive at their destination.

A logistics manager is at your service. Don’t worry about a thing, he will tell you what shipment terms (INCOTERMS) will be best for you.

You will be kept regularly informed about the status of the goods at all times.

And, of course, if any unforeseen issues occur Corsivia.

  • Will work, on the customer’s behalf, to undertake the steps necessary to resolve any problems.
  • Offers the customer Transport Insurance for the goods, on top of the compulsory insurance.

How do we send the goods?

At the Corsivia warehouse “pickings”, as well as full loads, are organised.


According to the destination and products ordered, a Corsivia sales adviser will recommend and give you a quote for the best way of organising the logistic process so the product will arrive at its destination in perfect condition.

Get in touch with Corsivia ( and we’ll be happy to recommend the best way of shipping the goods and give you a quote.