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Coworking «Co – Co»

Corsivia doesn’t only offer products.

Corsivia aims to promote the sport of clay target shooting, and with this in mind, at Corsivia we organise and set up collaboration programmes together with distributors, federations and shooting ranges.

This means that Corsivia is becoming a sports services supplier and target shooting is becoming part of the relationship with customers.

In this context, Corsivia has set up its “Coworking” customer relations programme.

What is Coworking? The Corsivia Coworking, “Co – Co”, is the way in which the manufacturer (Corsivia) and the customer (who may be a distributor, Federation, shooting range, …) look for a way to work together so that both parties benefit from the relationship.

Some examples are:

  • When a distributor wants to update and / or professionalise its sales channel. Corsivia offers the distributor a range of commercial proposals according to his needs.
  • When a federation wants to promote the “grassroots sport”. Corsivia establishes a work plan to promote new sportsmen.
  • When a shooting range wants to set up a bespoke merchandising programme… for a sports event, Corsivia can manage the preparation of the necessary material.

Get in touch with Corsivia ( and we’ll be happy to discuss which collaboration programme would best suit your needs.