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Corsivia: clay targets for all tastes and colour


Surely you already know (and if you don’t, we’ll explain it to you now), but there is a Corsivia shooting clay target for each modality: Olympic Trap, Universal Trench, Double Trap, American Trap, Skeet, Compak Sporting, Sporting and Simulated Games.

Our trapshooting targets are internationally approved, and we are suppliers of shooting targets in championships of the ISSF and the fitasc, as well as being a brand approved by the Amateur Trapshooting Association.

Today we come to talk to you about clay targets. Corsivia clay targets, of course.

But not before explaining you some interesting things.

We promise not to bore you. 

Here we go!


As you well know, the weight and dimensions of shooting targets is stipulated by the ISSF through the General Technical Regulations for clay target shooting, in its section 6.3.6.

In these rules, the ISSF specifies both, the color and the measurements. And, in addition, it clearly indicates that, for Olympic competitions, the clay targets must be ecological and meet the appropriate international standards.

All Corsivia clay targets meet all these characteristics (including the ecological chucks that we will talk about later), are valid for all shooting modalities and are compatible with any trap machine on the market.


We are frequently asked if the clay targets are biodegradable.

A clay target is made of approximately 75% limestone (stone), so the product does NOT bio-degrade. However, all shooting clay targets will break down over time.

For example, the Green Dream, our most environmentally friendly clay target, made of 100% natural pine resin, turns into pleasant white sand over time.


Given the characteristics of their composition, it is not advisable to keep shooting clay targets outdoors for too long or to expose them to high temperatures.

For this reason, at Corsivia, we recommend always storing them inside the shooting trap next to the clay target trap machines.

Something complicated when it comes to a Sporting range or during a day of Simulated Games. In this case, it is always a good idea to have a few boxes on hand next to the trap machines and store the rest in a shed for proper preservation.

When loading the targets into the trap machines, special care must be taken to avoid hitting the target too much before launch it.


There are several reasons why shooters rate Corsivia products as the best on the market.

And not because we say so, but because of what they say all the testimonials that have tested them in the numerous championships in which they are used.

  • High visibility. The excellent painting of our clay targets makes them unmistakable.
  • Flight stability. All of our clay targets have identical weight and geometry, so they do not heal and fly with the same trajectory.
  • Exceptional breakability when firing. The breakage of our clays is exceptional. In addition, it is frequent to make “smoke clouds”.

Corsivia offers five product lines:

  • Green Dream, our most ecological clay target.
  • Eco-Smart, one of our most sustainable clay targets.
  • Innova or standard: our most traditional clay target.
  • Sporting: the most used by hunting enthusiasts.
  • Finals: an explosion of color for the smoke clouds in your Olympic competitions.

The Green Dream, Eco Smart and Innova are eco-certified by Bureau Veritas with ISO 14021.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


Our most sustainable clay target. It is suitable for all modalities, especially for Trap Shooting.

What are the characteristics that make it so special?

  • It is manufactured with 100% natural resins, which makes its PAH content equal to 0.
  • It has the same advantages as our traditional Corsivia clay target.
  • Its visibility is much higher thanks to its fluorescent paint.
  • Thanks to its excellent breakage, it causes huge smoke clouds.
  • Certified by Bureau Veritas with ISO 14021.
  • Diameter: 110 mm ± 1 mm.
  • Total height: 25 mm – 26 mm.
  • Weight: 105 gr ± 5 gr.

Undoubtedly, the best clay target for those who love clay target shooting and care for the environment.


Another of our most sustainable clay targets, also suitable for all modalities, although the one that stands out the most is the Simulated Games days.

What about our Eco Smart clay target?

  • It is manufactured with eco resins, thus achieving a PAH content of less than 10.
  • It has the same advantages as our traditional Corsivia clay target.
  • Their visibility is far superior.
  • Certified by Bureau Veritas with ISO 14021.
  • Diameter: 110 mm ± 1 mm.
  • Total height: 25 mm – 26 mm.
  • Weight: 105 gr ± 5 gr.


Our most traditional clay target, suitable for all modalities, especially for Trap and Skeet.

Another of our eco-certified clay targets with the following characteristics:

  • Manufactured with completely inert material.
  • Consistent and stable flight path.
  • High visibility.
  • Less than 1% of null plates.
  • Certified by Bureau Veritas with ISO 14021.
  • Diameter: 110 mm ± 1 mm.
  • Total height: 25 mm – 26 mm.
  • Weight: 105 gr ± 5 gr.

If you are more into traditions, Corsivia Innova is your clay target.


A wide range of clay targets to enjoy your Sporting, Compak Sporting or Simulated Games competitions.

They are clay targets of different sizes and thicknesses, with different flight and speed and a multitude of colours, which try to simulate the trajectories of game species in the same way as on any hunting day.

Within our range of Sporting clay targets we have three types that imitate different hunting situations.


A very appropriate name, since it imitates the race of this animal. The machine launches it rolling on the ground at high speed in a vertical position. At Corsivia we offer you three options:

  • Rabbit: diameter 100 mm, height 16 mm and weight 120 gr.
  • Mini Rabbit: diameter 100 mm, height 11 mm and weight 100 gr.
  • Extra Rabbit: diameter 110 mm and weight 130 gr.


The MIDI, with a profile similar to the standard but smaller coil, forces you to sharpen your aim while simulating the flight of partridges and grouse. The MINI is the clay target that will test your skill with the gun, simulating the flight of the quail.

In Corsivia we offer you 2 options:

  • Mini 60: diameter 60 mm and weight 35 gr.
  • Midi 90: diameter 90 mm and weight 70 gr.


With a very changeable and fast flight, it flies out from the edge and turns around until it shows its belly to fall down quickly, simulating the landing of a duck.

In Corsivia we offer you 1 option:

  • Battue: diameter 108 mm and weight 70 gr.


A clay target made of completely inert material, or eco-friendly resins, that includes a powder on the top and bottom that gives you a burst of color for smoke clouds in your Olympic competitions.

  • Diameter: 110 mm ± 1 mm.
  • Total height: 25 mm – 26 mm.
  • Weight: 105 gr ± 5 gr.

And how can you get any of these clay targets?


At Corsivia we keep a permanent stock of finished product, ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.

Our clay targets are packed in boxes of 150 units, with interior separators and manufactured with first quality reinforced cardboard, allowing excellent protection of their quality.

The shipment is made as soon as the order and the incoterms are finalized with the customer.

Generally, are shipped (Full Load Container), 20-foot and 40-foot FLC (in this case, the goods are shipped on fumigated pallets), although it is also possible to ship by road.

From Corsivia we guarantee the traceability of the order at all times, keeping our customers informed of its status throughout the journey.

In addition, after the delivery of the order, our logistics department will check our customer’s satisfaction with the service received and the quality of the product.

We love to take care of every detail!

Now that you know all the Corsivia clay targets, which one do you prefer?